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[FREE] The Top 131 Stocks For Options Traders In 2021
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We’ve Analyzed Thousands of Optionable Stocks to Find the Most Tradeable for 2021.
Each stock on the list passed over a dozen tests…
   Plenty of volatility
   Plenty of liquidity 
   Plenty of volume (even for strikes far from the money) 
   Plenty of open interest (even for strikes far from the money)
   Tight bid/ask spreads 
   Good sized option premiums
   Plenty of strikes to trade
   And much more…
Not All Optionable Stocks Are Created Equal.
I’m Simon Curio, Head Trader at SimonSaysOptions. My team and I have done all the work for you. This is my personal watchlist and now you can use it as your own.
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The Top Stocks For Options Traders In 2021
Choosing the Right Stock to Trade is 50% Of the Battle
According to the CBOE, they have 3,779 optionable stocks trading at just their exchange. We’ve gone through each and every one to come up with the 96 Best in 2019. Trading the wrong option is like trading with one hand behind your back. Don’t make it harder than it already is.

When I first started trading, I used to always be on the lookout for a trade. I’d hear about a hot stock and rush to trade it, only to find that it either did not have enough volume, or premium, or strikes. With my Personal Watchlist I no longer have that problem.

And I’m giving you my Personal Watchlist, absolutely free, because I want you to stop wasting time searching for trades, and more time doing the things you enjoy.

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